Sammalsauna - Moss sauna

Kettusauna - Fox sauna

Two-sauna package


Sammalsauna is an unusual sauna in the shape of a hemisphere, where you can enjoy a variety of scents, sounds and light, or outdoor jacuzzi.

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The moss sauna is a new innovation and offers a unique sauna experience with hundreds of colour changing LED lights creating the atmosphere of your choice.

In addition to enjoying the warmth of the sauna you can sing karaoke, choose your own ‘sauna fragrance’, listen to the music and even watch television. The building which has a thick moss roof has a unique shape, like half of a ball.

The sauna accommodates 15-17 people comfortably. Outside there is a jacuzzi which can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Package includes bathing in the Sammalsauna & outdoor jacuzzi.

Towels, shampoos, sauna hats and seat covers are included.

Price: 540 € / 5-15 people / 3 h, extra persons 35 € each


Here in Yli-Kaitala you will find two saunas for private hire - Sammalsauna and Kettusauna. The moss sauna Sammalsauna is situated approximately 15 meters from the shore and is next to the Kettusauna so between the two saunas there is plenty of space for a large group to have a sauna party.

Sauna-parties, Conferences, Meetings, Bachelor and Hen parties, Family parties, Corporate parties and "Small" Christmas.

Two-sauna package incl. meal

Package includes bathing in both the Sammalsauna (moss sauna) & outdoor jacuzzi, a classic Kettusauna & hot tub.
Price: 1440 € / 1-15 persons, extra persons 42 € each. 4 hours total.
Included meals and alcohol-free drinks: water and home-made beer during the meal. Towels and sauna-hats, shampoo.

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Kettusauna is an old farmhouse renovated lakeside sauna in one meter from Lake Kettujärvi. On varanda near the sauna is a hot tub.

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Kettusauna is a fully renovated (in 2005) traditional country sauna originally built in 1941. It is located on the shore of lake Kettujärvi.

It is possible for up to 8-12 people to bathe comfortably in the sauna and the adjacent lounge is big enough for 10-15 people. There are two showers. In the winter, ice swimming can be arranged.

There is also an outdoor hot tub, for 10-14 people, where you can enjoy warm water at 37 degrees under a starry sky, even in the middle of the winter.

Kettusauna 190 € / 5-15 persons / 3 h, extra persons 10 € each

Hot tub 210 € / 5-15 persons / 3 h, extra persons 10 € each

Kettusauna and hot tub 400 € / 5-15 persons / 3 h, extra persons 20 € each

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